The Radical Leap Toward Natural Healthh

The Radical Leap Toward Natural Healthh

Contents - Green Smoothie Revolution

Preface: The Green Smoothie Revolution Has Begun

Part 1. Unleashing the Healing Power of Greens
Chapter 1. The Miracle of Greens
Chapter 2. Greens, the Key Ingredient in Human Nutrition
Chapter 3. The First Green Smoothie
Chapter 4. The Importance of Rotating Greens in Your Smoothies
Chapter 5. Blending versus Juicing
Chapter 6. A Green Smoothie Q&A
Chapter 7. Green Smoothies for Our Children
Chapter 8. Green Smoothies for Our Pets
Chapter 9. Food Combining in Green Smoothies
Chapter 10. Guidelines for Optimal Green Smoothie Consumption

Part 2. Green Smoothie Recipes
Valuable Tips and Tricks for Smoothie Preparation
Green Smoothies for Beginners
Supergreen Smoothies
Savory Green Smoothies and Soups
Green Smoothies for Adventurous Souls
Green Puddings
Green Smoothies for Children
Green Smoothies for Pets
Green Smoothies for Body Care

:Afterword: The Worldwide Green Smoothie Revolution
Appendix 1: Amazing Weight Loss: A Case Study
Appendix 2: Clent Manich: Living on Green Smoothies
Appendix 3: How the Raw Family Went Raw
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